This post is about a young girl's Quinceanera (Birthday) invitation I recently designed. This is not so much a wedding post, but because a Quinceanera can cost the same amount of $$$, and have the same amount of planning time, why not post about it?

The Quinceanera (15th birthday) invitations for a coworker's daughter. Being (not 15 yrs of age), I was surprised to hear that the daughter's choice of colors: bright green and hot pink! Are these the colors that kids like these days? Or did I think these colors were just as fabulous when I was 15 yrs old?

I did my best to make a classy invitation that a 15 year old girl would like. The daughter wanted the majority of the invitation green, with pink highlights... oh and did I say that she loves hearts? I think that, hearts for a 15 year old is pretty automatic.

Here are a few pics:

Happy Birthday! hehe...