Pride and Prejudice Wedding

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One of my favorite all time books/movie is the wonderful novel by Jane Austin, "Pride and Prejudice." This is something that I think most girls can agree on. Not only is this classic novel one of the greatest romantic novels of all time, it's easy to get lost in the story; being caught up in Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's (play hard to get) romance, the setting of the delightful dances and well just the overall romance. This got me thinking. I cannot be the only girl that fantasizes about this lovely tale... So to help all the Elizabeth's' out there marry their own tall, dark and handsome Mr. Darcy; here is a delight wedding inspiration board for all the Jane Austin brides around the world.
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What are the key ingredients to a Jane Austin Wedding? I would say, lots of lace and ribbon hanging from the ceiling, antique jewelry for the bride and a velvet tie for the groom. Guestbook Typewriters to write love notes to the bride and groom and some vintage furniture to set the mood. What do you think represents a Jane Austin wedding?


Happy Wedding :)

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