Newlywed DIY Project

This weekend, It was spring cleaning for me and my husband, we cleaned our garage, living room, dining room, and did a little laundry. We also hung some long awaited Photographs in the hallway. These frames and photographs have been laying on our dinning room table for a couple of weeks, and this weekend we finally had the time to hang them up.

I think this project is a lovely DIY project for newlyweds everywhere. When moving in together, many couples have bare walls to decorate and run out of funds to buy art to hung on their walls. Instead of buying expensive art, think about hanging family photos, after all you're starting a new home and family together, it only makes sense to hang your favorite family photos to create a nice memory wall that couples and share together.

When hanging photographs, pick a selected few photos which you would want to showcase. For my selected photos, i decided to use Photoshop to create ultra yellow filter, to make all my photos appear aged. Next I selected the same style white and sand colored wooden frames, mixed with khaki and white mat boards, to create a modern feel, rather then hanging mis-matched frames. I waited until Arron Brothers had a penny sale to save all the money I could (frames are so expensive!). When hanging photos, group your photos close together and try to keep them on one wall, this will make a larger impact, which will draw guests to view all your photos. On my monthly flea market trips, I found a few antique frames of which I hung along with my family photos. This brought in a vintage feel, I think, to the photo collage, of which I'm pretty proud of. We hope you like it!

Low-Res Photos brought to you by my iPhone.
(I just discovered that I can take HD photos??? A little too late. Dang.)