Wedding Day Tree Guest Book

We all the new trends in weddings, one idea stands out the most. This is a new yet classic approach to a wedding guest book. A guest book personalized with a family tree is truly unique. This idea takes a simple drawing of a tree, a few different color stamp pads and all your friends and family members to create a wedding guest book tree with their thumb print... Cute right? Not only is it a lovely idea to allow your guests some fun before the wedding, it also creates a piece of art that the bride and groom can hang in their home together after the wedding. If you would like a family tree, this is a great way to get one, because its not everyday that the whole family gathers together. Also if you like the idea of this but do not want your friends to be part of the family tree, then think about have 2 guest book trees. A tree guest book for family and one for friends.