Wedding Bells and Belts

I love accessories! Especially for weddings, for my wedding (shown above) I decided to wear a champagne colored silk sash. I thought this to be simple, sweet, and just the right amount of color to add to my monochromatic color scheme of a white and black wedding. However as a bride (or ex-bride) who still has a desire to plan weddings, I like to think of all the different ways I can accessorize a wedding dress. Should you add flowers? A rhinestone studded belt? or add something with color? Here are a few ways to accessorize your wedding:

A Black Velvet Belt? So beautiful! Should I have worn a black belt for my black and white wedding? Too dangerous of a question to answer.

A Leather belt and a wedding dress? Dreams do come true! I absolutely love it :)

Source: Cccl's Knees Bees

Leather belts and white dresses may be a new trend... I must find more inspiration images for fancy dresses and leather belts...

This belt is so gorgeous, don't you think? I believe it has a lovely vintage quality.

Even better! Good sparkles and Leather!

Source: Modern Trouseau

This belt is so elegant!!! Love it!

If you like the idea of belts on your wedding day, what about having your bridesmaids wear belts too! I think I should have of done this idea......

Happy Wedding :)