Elizabeth Taylor

I never felt inadequate in my looks, but I would have to say that beauty icon Elizabeth Taylor with her violet eyes, would make a 6 foot tall blond model feel inadequate. To honor Elizabeth's death (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011), lets look back on all her beautiful weddings (8 total!)

Elizabeth Taylor + Nicky Hilton (married 1950–1951)
Source: Fashion Bride

Isn't she as pretty as a princess? Her bridal look is any girl's fantasy..

Elizabeth Taylor + Michael Wilding (married 1952–1957)
Source: Fashion Bride

For Elizabeth's 2nd marriage, her look was more low-key. Perfect for a bride who doesn't want to make a big fuss about the big day.

Elizabeth Taylor + Michael Todd (married 1957 – 1958) (widowed)
Source: If It's Hip, It's Here

Elizabeth's wedding day to Michael Todd was romantic and stylish. I'm loving the bridal white shawl as a cover up.

Elizabeth Taylor + Eddie Fisher (married 1959 – 1964)
Source: If It's Hip, It's Here

Elizabeth's wedding to Eddie seemed like a spring party affair, rather than a traditional wedding day. Now a days, brides are also going away from the classic white dress, some brides even dare to wear pink! ... has only one seen that episode of 'Say Yes to the Dress'?

Elizabeth Taylor + Richard Burton (married 1964–1974)
Source: Fan Pop

Elizabeth's 1st marriage to Richard Burton, Elizabeth's hair was completely decked out with flowers, she seemed like a bride in a magical mystical place with fairies as for bridesmaids.

Elizabeth Taylor + Richard Burton (married again 1975–1976)
Source: If It's Hip, It's Here

In Elizabeth's 2nd wedding to Richard Burton, she seemed to be a Greek Goddess.

Elizabeth Taylor + John Warner (married 1976 – 1982)
Source: If It's Hip, It's Here

In John Warner's wedding, Elizabeth seemed like she was still into drapery and bridal attire. Either way, Elizabeth still looked stunning.

Elizabeth Taylor + Larry Fortensky (1991 – 1996)
Source: If It's Hip, It's Here

Elizabeth's last wedding to Larry Fortensky's wedding was classic 90's attire.

Happy Wedding :)